Evergreen MACRO



Swiss-engineered, the EVERGREEN® MACRO  begins as detailed AutoCAD® drawings and extensive engineering.  The EVERGREEN® MACRO utilizes the strength of precast concrete, the advantages of standardized elements, and the beauty of nature to provide a natural alternative

Characteristics / Applications:
  • Sound Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Open Face
  • 40 sq. ft. elevation
  • Range 10' - 50' high


Each EVERGREEN® MACRO is custom designed to meet your requirements including footings, backfilling, and landscaping.

EVERGREEN® MACRO walls can be used as retaining wall or slope stabilizer, for earth embankments or rock revetments, or as a noise barrier.   This unique planted wall makes it especially suitable for highways and railroads and even more so for parks, gardens, residential and commercial districts.

Electronic Drawing File
In order to view the electronic drawing file posted on this web page, you must view the page with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator equipped with WHIP!. You can download the current version of WHIP! from the Autodesk website.

This drawing file may be printed out from the Right-Click menu. 

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